Happy Heinys One-Size Cloth Diaper

One - Size Cloth Diaper
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Price $21.95
5 or more $21.00 each

Better Fit for Babies: The ONE for ALL diaper’s rise has been shortened a bit to fit smaller babies better, now offering a better fit for both big and small babies, and every size in between!

Less Bulk. Less Drooping: The improved One-Size now features a smaller belly panel and reduced width between the leg openings. This styling change means less bulk in the bottom and less drooping for a better look, fit and feel!

Leak-Resistant: Happy Heinys works to make diaper changes as easy as possible. The new leak-resistant design offers improved performance over the original One-Size, especially when worn by slender to average weight babies.

Longer Life: Happy Heinys diapers include fantastic elastic bindings that are easy to replace if needed. With this value-added assurance, the investment in reusable cloth diapers lasts even longer, through multiple changes and multiple siblings, if necessary!

Aplix:  Aplix is perfect if you have a wriggly baby as most of us do.  It's a quick fasten when baby threatens with the squirm and roll maneuver.

Snaps:  The snaps are wonderful if you have a baby that startles easily or is a light sleeper and you need to get away with a ninja - like diaper change since the Aplix can be a bit startling when you unfasten it.