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  • Manufacturer: Gucio Shoes
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Gucio shoes are hand made in Poland and are very unique, both in style and ergonomics.

* Wide soles made of elastic, non-slip rubber. Sizes 8-12 have a double sole.
* Very flexible, especially in the joint and toe line.
* Soft air cushion under the heel.
* Smooth leather interior without noticeable seams.
* Constructed from thin, natural leather for greater flexibility.
* Dyes are non-toxic and are only applied to the outside, therefore there is no direct contact with the foot.
* Gucio shoes are available in a summer version.

Gucio Colors and Sizing:

Gucio shoes are available in US sizes 3-12 (18-28 Euro.) The difference in length between each shoe size is 0.3 inches. 
It may seem difficult to choose a child's shoe size for an internet shoe purchase, but it's actually quite straightforward. Our customers have had great success by following a simple method of measurement. Follow the simple steps below to measure your child's foot:

1.) Place a piece of paper on the floor next to a wall.

2.) Place your child's bare foot on the piece of paper with her heel against the wall. 

3.) Mark the length of your child's foot at the tip of the longest toe.

4.) Add 0.60 inches (the pediatrician-recommended free space) to that length and look up the corresponding size in the table below:   

NOTE: Due to the handmade nature of Gucio shoes, colors may vary slightly.

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